Urata Kastrati

hey there! my name is Ura / Urata!
i'm a professional illustrator, a sophmore at
the new school in nyc, and an aspiring
character designer / splash artist


About Me

My name is Ura, short for Urata! I'm a self taught digital artist, working mainly on Procreate and Clip Studio! I love anime, manga, gaming, and all things cartoony! I'm a huge One Piece fan as well :)

I love drawing in a very fun and bubbly style with a lot of details, shine and color! My art has a lot of vibrant colors to it, I love pushing facial expressions and getting as unique as possible with my pieces, though I have my moments and make cute stuff too sometimes :]

  • name : ura / urata

  • pronouns : she / her

  • timezone : EST (Eastern Standard)


Illustrations, Commissions, and Fanart, and original character art (can be found in socials as well!)

Frequently Asked (FAQ)

What programs do you use?

I use quite a few programs! Here are some of the main ones though:

  • Procreate (my beloved)

  • Clip Studio (usually for bigger illustrations)

  • Adobe Photoshop (for formatting and filters / formatting)

I also have fiddled / have experience with these programs (thanks to college classes and passion projects)

  • Lightburn (Woodwork)

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Canva (and similar marketing tools)

  • Sony Vegas Pro (13 primarily)

  • iMovie (my beloved)

  • All Google Services (Pres, Docs, etc)_

  • Fire Alpaca

  • Medibang

  • PaintTools Sai (and 2)

And here are the tools I use :D

  • iPad Pro 3rd Gen

  • HUION Kamvas Pro 24

  • My PC (I'll spare you the specs)

How can I support you?

First of all ... aww thank you :'']

There's a bunch of ways to support your favorite artists.

  • Buy from their store! (I have an Etsy here!) :3

  • Spread the word! Show friends and family their stuff!

  • Support their socials!! Liking, commenting, and favoriting / bookmarking (whatever- socials allow) are some of the best ways to show people an artist has active supporters!

  • Commissions! Lots of artists offer commissions - here are mine! Just make sure they're open first, depending on who you want to commission from!

  • Streams! Artists, like myself, stream on Twitch! :D Go drop a sub!

  • If all else fails - Donate! (The "starving artist" thing is very real.)

Booth Pictures

(Anime NYC)

Merch Examples

(More on my Etsy!)